Welcome to Novus Spero

Server:   N/A
GM: Rikodou
Officers:   Lemory and Thraxx
Recruitment: N/A
  Orientation: PVP, PVE, GVG, Political Domination
  Voice Chat: Raidcall (Group #509115) Here is the download
If you would like to join Novus Spero, apply in game or on this website.

Updated for Arche Age!


Guild Structure

-Guild representatives. Always trying to help each other. participates in plans created by leadership.
-Example: A guild event is to take place soon, It's a members responsibility to try and attend said event.
-Leaders on the front line. Main objective is to recruit and assist all members. Manages PK raids and other small instances.
-Example:  If a member is PKed by anyone, a captain may call together a group and counter PK the opposing party. (Though any member may ask for assistance without the need of leadership involvement)
-Example: A captain may put together a group to run a dungeon many members need. 
~Officer (Crafting-Farming-Etc.)
-Master of a specific job or profession within the guild. Organizes collective guild objectives based on their individual profession. Always helping/assisting members.
 -Example: The Farming officer delegates land (hidden or public) to members as to help create a flow of resources for the members and other officers to utilize.
-Example: The Weapon smith officer creates a list of donors and produces/distributes weapons to those who contribute most accordingly. 
-Guild Supervisors, oversees the lower ranks to ensure quality work is being done. Solves general guild problems and Manage guild website. Recruit for guild, Solve PK problems, Explain guild structure to members, Kick inactives, help/support all members.
-Example: The commander assists an officers plan to create a guild boat through announcements on the website or individual promotion. 
~Guild Master
-Manage/plan guild meetings, Manage guild website, Supervise/Coordinate lower ranks, Plan/Manage guild events, Conduct guild politics, Conduct member discipline, Recruit for guild, Solve PK problems, Explain guild structure to members, Kick inactives, help/support all members, Create guild objectives.
-Every member in NovusSpero matters, every member has an important role to play in the guilds growth. Use of the guild website and the raidcall will help everyone communicate and grow closer together. It’s very important we all do our best to use these tools to help support our guilds connections with individual members. Having higher standards for the ranks will put our members in a position where the people who truly wish to support the guild will receive the positions and rewards they deserve. Giving higher ranks specific jobs will ease the pressure on those who have tried to do multiple things. It will spread out the work load and give everyone an equal chance to show their worth in the guild. Every member matters, every position matters, if we all work together in an organized and efficient manor there is nothing we cant accomplish. Through the website, ideas and suggestions to the guild and guild structure can be heard and implemented.
It’s up to all of you as individual members to inform the entire guild of this structure and system, the more people who know whats going on with the guild the better. Do us proud, do NovusSpero proud!.

Long live Novus Spero
The new hope of ArcheAge - Naima